locked or unlocked


Locked or unlocked..it’s all about how you think!

Today I had an interview at the HR company.

It was my first time using HR company because most of time I was lucky for finding a job so I didn’t need to use.

But here in Italy I am nobody and as much as possible I have to tell my presence to someone..so I did it this time through my italian friend ( Thanks Antonio! )

Tell the truth I was so nervous the reason is I still don’t speak italian well and I have no idea how this interview does go..

However the person who charged in me was so kind and spoke English perfectly moreover he was such a good listener and open-minded whatever I said.

So I can tell my first interview here it wasn’t that bad instead is good! And I got some hope after interview I feel like I really could do something according to range of my effort.

I know it sounds like cliche but it is like that..so I can have sweet dream tonight!

Sleep tightly and sweet dream! Buona notte e sogni d’oro!

from Isu…


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