must be

IMG_0951 IMG_0955

Today I had an interview in accessories designer position.

Because of interview I overstrained myself I guess, I got off wrong metro station because the Google map wasn’t clear that much.

But luckily I had plenty of time reaching to my destination on foot so I started to walk..

And suddenly every view and sign seemed like having meaning…

When I found out those red balloon accidentally and I thought it must be good sign.

You know, we are human and we easily believe the way we want, so for me it was something very positive.

After this I also passed by some building and I saw the other sign..

Come on, now arrow giving me direction! There must be the way to figure out this tough season.

It seemed too overacted though..right?

Well, so finally I had the interview and I explained myself a bit also showing my all projects including this lovely fresh blog!

And I truly wish I did good job in my interview today and there would be good news soon.

Finger crossed ; )

from Isu…


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