Jonny Briggs

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3 thoughts on “Jonny Briggs

  1. me too! I found out his website but no description of personal information.
    this is the artist statement!! In search of lost parts of my childhood I try to think outside the reality I was socialised into and create new ones with my parents and self. Through these I question the boundaries between us, between child/adult, self/other, nature/culture, real/fake in attempt to revive my unconditioned self, beyond the family bubble. Although easily assumed to be photoshopped or faked, upon closer inspection the images are often realised to be more real than first expected. Involving staged installations, the cartoonesque and the performative, I look back to my younger self and attempt to re-capture childhood nature through my assuming adult eyes. And this is the website to see the work –

  2. I got basic information about him.

    B1985. Lives and works in London


    2008-2011 MA Degree, Royal College of Art, London

    2005-2008 BA(hons) Fine Art (first class), Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

    Selected Exhibitions

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