Yong-mi kim

Youngmikim01-600x399 Youngmikim12-600x394 Youngmikim16


2 thoughts on “Yong-mi kim

  1. here we go! Designer Young-Mi said “This project began from changes of invisible emotions that we face in every moment. ‘A sense of season’ was an ideal vehicle for this project as a medium. We all experience the seasonal change and get some feeing from it. In that sense, I thought I was able to share this sympathy with the public. I knew this theme could be banal or boring since nature and seasons are well exploited inspirational subjects not even in the art field. But it is obvious that we can’t regard our existence separated from them. And in the end, this will be an opportunity to look back to its value that it is always around us but we so often forget to appreciate.

    Like all artists, I am always excited that something is absorbed into my body and it is brought back out into the world with clay. I sincerely hope that my works can be a start of a ‘warm echo’ for someone.”

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