Sergei Sviatchenko

When I saw his work in pinterest I knew there is more beautiful brilliant work.

So my art work stalking was re-started, well what I found was very cool and sensible collage.

He is already very famous as his collage with photograph and he has such a good eye to cut off everything except the most essential part and then he selects nice color of background and replaces re-created images.

I admired his wit to select all the images and modifying that in a minimal way.

I guess he could be successful as a designer too because the sense and skill he possessed would work equally in fashion field.

There was one video of fashion brand he collaborated with and it’s a truly fresh and artistic clip.

The brand borrow his photographic collage to their product shooting on the model and another famous video maker made it.

I will share that video tomorrow with you!

Ciao ciao

From Milan…Isu


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