Josef Albers

Before googling his name I didn’t know well about him how great guy who advocated for the art and education.

And as a student graduated from Bauhaus for the first he became a member of Bauhaus and he worked as a teacher.

There is one more thing aroused my interest was the relationship with his wife Anni Albers.

Josef’s name leaded me to Josef and Anni Albers foundation and I could have a chance to know them gloriously.

Josef and Anni Albers, they were lifelong artistic adventurers, were among the leading pioneers of twentieth-century modernism.

So long story of them to short, they’ve been a life-adventure partner as well as an peer to comprehend art entire of their life.

How blessed sound it is! Because for me living as an artist I feel necessity of good peer or parter who can stimulate me so I never adhere to one thing so I would carry on my work deepen and broaden. For that aspect of view their life inspired me and I regard them as my role-model.

Here is their website of foundation, if you want to know them more go and check!



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