Charles Philip Shanghai – 2015 SS


Malta, endless beauty

Last March there was an big event which was a trip to Malta for my best friend’s 30th birthday.

That was the only thing she wanted so hard  therefore we immediately prepared this Malta trip for one week and hit the road.

It was such a good choice to being there while celebrating for starting new journey to 30’s and recharging ourselves for the new chapter of life.

Personally I was really impressed by Malta’s warmness they were well prepared for hosting and sharing their beauty in the best way.

Such a beautiful weather, amazing food, kind people speaking English perfectly and so many nice places to go…it was just a humble charming city.

We two girls made all the good memories there for 3days and we deeply appreciated Malta.

Happy new year! Buon anno!


Late happy new year messageto everyone!

I’ve stayed far my blog for one month because I’ve been preparing my bag capsule collection which will be shown in Who’s Next in Paris also I went back to Korea, my country for holiday.

So from today I’ll also introduce my bag collection actually so far just couple of bags but want to share with you.

Because I trust your taste of art and design so I am ready to hear any comment from you guys.

Well, let’s explore more beautiful things in the world this year together!

Thanks for your interest of my blog.