Erin Armstrong


Lola Berenguer

I found her work from instagram after that I immediately start to search her website to see all the work. I love her clean moderate painting it’s very quite but very inspirational as well. As an ex art major student I tried to draw abstract painting couple of times but it was really difficult to me. I had to think too much to make it simple so eventually it went too far from my first inspiration. I guess I am adequate to draw a decorative way. Here is her website if you guys want to see more click and check! Anyway I will share more work of her! Ciao

Tali Yalonetzki

The way I get the art source is from pinterest.

I can tell I am addicted to any type of beautiful images so when I have free time I go pinterest and explore there.

So I found one of her warm human illustration I’ve immediately started to search for more work and who is the artist.

I found her profile from ‘artfully walls’ and I liked her honest self-introduction so I quoted it.

” My name is Tali Yalonetzki. I was born in 1983 in the Ukraine, but moved with my family to Israel when I was 7.5 years old. I am an artist and freelance illustrator, and had my work published internationally in children’s books and magazines. I’ve been drawing, painting and creating in every which way since I was a little girl. Creativity, to me, is an overflowing energy, a calming and healing expression of life. I’ve channeled this energy into my studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, and graduated in 2009 with a BA in visual communications.

I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel with my partner Elad. I am constantly inspired by the vibrant urban city I live in and the colorful people I meet. Light is a huge inspiration and motivator in all my work, painting frozen moments in everyday life that will become the nostalgic images and heartfelt memories which we all keep in our hearts. I’m a photography enthusiast and love taking pictures of my friends and creating memories of my own. I work with acrylic paints and oil pastels to achieve the nostalgic softness and impressionist style of my paintings. My paintings are reminiscent of a great family album, giving you a glimpse into the moments that make up a person’s life and stay with them. ”


Kwang Ho Lee

For last couple of days I’ve been working on new print for my brand.

And the theme I chose this time was cactus so while I was doing little research on cactus I found out these fantastically beautiful shapes cactuses. Moreover this is not a photo it is a painting, oil painting by Korean artist who has magical hands.

After I got interested in the artist so did quick search. His name is Kwang-ho Lee and this is his recent project.

It’s extremely realistic at the same time very poetic and dreamy some figure from our imagination haven’t seen yet.

Therefore I am ready to start to make new print I’ve got tons of inspiration from his work!

So hope I can show my new cactus series print : )

Ciao Ciao