Kwang Ho Lee

For last couple of days I’ve been working on new print for my brand.

And the theme I chose this time was cactus so while I was doing little research on cactus I found out these fantastically beautiful shapes cactuses. Moreover this is not a photo it is a painting, oil painting by Korean artist who has magical hands.

After I got interested in the artist so did quick search. His name is Kwang-ho Lee and this is his recent project.

It’s extremely realistic at the same time very poetic and dreamy some figure from our imagination haven’t seen yet.

Therefore I am ready to start to make new print I’ve got tons of inspiration from his work!

So hope I can show my new cactus series print : )

Ciao Ciao


Sergei Sviatchenko

When I saw his work in pinterest I knew there is more beautiful brilliant work.

So my art work stalking was re-started, well what I found was very cool and sensible collage.

He is already very famous as his collage with photograph and he has such a good eye to cut off everything except the most essential part and then he selects nice color of background and replaces re-created images.

I admired his wit to select all the images and modifying that in a minimal way.

I guess he could be successful as a designer too because the sense and skill he possessed would work equally in fashion field.

There was one video of fashion brand he collaborated with and it’s a truly fresh and artistic clip.

The brand borrow his photographic collage to their product shooting on the model and another famous video maker made it.

I will share that video tomorrow with you!

Ciao ciao

From Milan…Isu

Helen Frankenthaler

For me Art is also meditation method.

Art gives me stimulation  to provoke my loose sense but some art is meditation method.

When I see her work I can feel total relaxation immediately.

The soft colors and smudged brush stroke gives me warmness and calmness.

After running a week frenetically I need to pause and take a deep breath seeing her peaceful pretty painting.

T.G.I.F to everyone!

Henri Matisse

Matisse was one of my loved artist while I was studying Fine Art.

Because I wasn’t really great at realism and all the time I painted I drew something repeated with various colors so it seemed like a print at the end.

So I kept continued to paint that flat repeated images playing with colors.

He was the best source I’ve got inspiration he was the perfection of my direction about Art.

Whenever I see his painting I get amused by his organic and imperfect figure with the fabulous color mix, it gives me some sort of energy.