Alice Neel

Alice Neel was an American visual artist, who was particularly well known for oil painting and for her portraits depicting friends, family, lovers, poets, artists and strangers.

Tonight while I was looking for some document I found out some plastic bag inside few post cards with artist’s work and there was she, Alice Neel.  Actually I remember I bought these post cards when I went to some gallery in Amsterdam and I just loved her painting at first sight. It was real story-telling with some frank figure a bit childish of woman and a little girl seemed mother and daughter used very nostalgic profound oil colors.

So my art-stalker temper draged me web-surfing for hours and hours so I knew why she drew like this and how her life was as an artist, mother and woman. I even found out her documentary filmed by her grand children I must watch it so I could see her thought closely. I am sure it would be my deeply honor to her.